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PRESS RELEASE - Supermarket Fridges Become More Energy Efficient Thanks to Formula One Aerodynamics


5 October 2015, Bloemfontein, South Africa


Williams Advanced Engineering, the division of Williams that commercialises Formula One derived technology and knowhow, has collaborated with UK start-up Aerofoil Energy to develop a new aerodynamic device that can significantly reduce the energy consumed by refrigerators in supermarkets and convenience stores.

Kriel Technology Group, a distributor of “game-changer” technologies has acquired the exclusive distribution rights to market Aerofoil in the Southern Africa region.

For South Africa the impact is huge in terms of decreasing loads on Eskom’s electricity generation capabilities.

Energy consumption makes up a significant percentage of a supermarket’s operational costs, with energy hungry refrigerators that keep the produce cool the largest consumer of power. Open fronted multi deck refrigerators that line the aisles of supermarkets consume excessive energy, with some of the cold air used to cool produce spilling out into the aisles resulting in increased energy consumption and “cold aisle syndrome” which can be unpleasant for shoppers.

Aerofoils are carefully designed and engineered profiles that control the direction of air flow. Aerofoil Energy and Williams are developing a new retrofittable aerofoil system that attaches onto each refrigerator shelf to keep more of the cool air inside the refrigerator cabinet. This innovative technology will result in significant energy savings for supermarkets and convenience stores, with subsequent benefits for their carbon footprint. Tests by Williams and Aerofoil Energy have shown energy savings of between 20-30%. The technology will also make the shopping experience more pleasant for consumers.

Aerofoil Energy are working closely with Williams to refine the aerofoil concept, utilising Williams’ proven expertise in aerodynamic design and testing from four decades of success in Formula One racing. Williams’ Advanced Engineering division is using computational fluid dynamics to model and simulate new designs before testing them at the Williams factory in Oxfordshire.

A number of supermarkets are evaluating the aerofoil technology with promising results. Sainsbury’s, the UK’s second largest supermarket chain, has been testing the product at a number of its stores. Sainsbury’s operates 1,100 stores and uses 1% of the UK’s energy in total. As part of its 20x20 Sustainability Plan, Sainsbury’s has committed to reducing its absolute operational carbon emissions by 30% by 2020 and this technology can play a key role in achieving this target.

Speaking about the trial John Skelton, Head of Refrigeration at Sainsbury’s PLC, said; “‘we’re proud to be giving our fridges a turbo boost with this fantastic aerodynamic technology. Aerofoils help the airflow around Formula One cars and can improve their performance – and that’s exactly how they help the fridges in our stores, by keeping the cold air in. This Formula One inspired innovation has already shown it can cut carbon produced by major refrigerators.”

Craig Wilson, Managing Director of Williams Advanced Engineering, added; “Williams Advanced Engineering’s mantra is to take the best of Formula One technology and knowhow and work with a range of industries to help improve their products and services. Much of our work focuses on improving energy efficiency and the collaboration with Aerofoil Energy is a perfect example of how Formula One innovations can have a tangible benefit to ordinary people and the environment. This technology has global potential and the savings in operational costs and emissions are extremely promising.”


Notes to Editors

• A 30,000sq/ft. supermarket can consume approximately 1.5 million kWh of energy each year. The ‘big 4’ supermarket operators in South Africa own more than 3,000 supermarkets between them, so their energy use runs into billions of kWh's each year.
• Even a small 2,300sq/ft. convenience store will consume 116,100 kWh every year. There are around 40,000 convenience stores in the UK.
• It is estimated that supermarkets and convenience stores account for between 5%-10% of the UK’s total energy use.
• Between 60-70% of the energy used by a supermarket or convenience store is used by the refrigerators.
• The main reason that open fridges consume so much energy is because of the open front. These fridges have a cold air curtain to make them safe. Much of the cold air curtain falls out and has to be continuously replaced. What is recycled mixes with warm air as the curtain is blown down the front face of the fridge, again leading to energy use in order to cool it down again.
• The aerofoils by Aerofoil Energy have been shown to dramatically reduce the spillage of cold air from multideck refrigerators. In tests they have produced energy savings ranging from 18% to 41.5%.

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About Williams Advanced Engineering

Williams Advanced Engineering is the technology and engineering services business of the Williams Group of companies that includes the WILLIAMS MARTINI RACING Formula One team. Working in close collaboration with its customers and partners in the automotive, motorsport, energy, civil aerospace and defense sectors, Williams Advanced Engineering creates energy efficient performance to meet the sustainability challenges of the 21st Century.

Press Release: DO TOUCH THAT eyeDIAL


(Bloemfontein, South Africa – Feb 09, 2017)

Kriel Technology Group (Pty) Ltd (www.krieltech.com) introduces Eyejusters, the First Instantly Adjustable Glasses - which look like normal glasses, to Southern Africa and other SADC countries.

The world’s first ever smart glasses with adjustable vision correction that use regular frames will be available from Kriel Technology Group (Pty)Ltd – (www.krieltech.com).

British based Eyejusters have created a discreet adjustable eyeDial to allow users to change the lens strength in the same way as binoculars or a microscope, giving wearers near perfect vision, whatever their needs - computer, reading or detailed close-up work.

Their classic styles are all crafted using quality materials, in Acetate and Stainless Steel. The glasses are available in various different colours and retail at R1,439.00. All Eyejusters come with a 1 year warranty.

Most people need help with close up vision at some point in their lives hence the popularity of ‘ready readers’ (over-the- counter reading glasses). By our mid-forties, we start struggling to see close-up objects such as books, computers and phones. This is caused by an age-related condition called presbyopia, which is part of the natural ageing process of the eye[i]. Our eyes begin to lose elasticity making it harder to switch focus between short and long-distance objects. Reading glasses are not a complete solution for presbyopia as they have a fixed lens, this means that only a small zone is in focus, at a constant distance from the eye. To change this distance, you need a different pair of glasses. Additionally, 'ready readers' have the same strength lens for each eye - many people, however, require different strengths for each eye.

With this problem in mind, the creators of Eyejusters invented SlideLensTM, the result of five years of intensive research which means that each lens can be individually focused by the wearer through a small adjustable dial in each side of the frame enabling wearers to focus each eye independently.

“Many people need glasses with lots of different strengths. They may have a pair with for computer work, another for reading, and maybe yet another for close up work like hobbies," said Owen Reading, Co-founder of Eyejusters, "Eyejusters replaces the need for multiple pairs of glasses.”

Eyejusters contain SlideLensTM technology – a pair of adjustable focus lenses so their strength can be altered at any time with a small, hidden dial. Using two independent lenses, sealed against moisture and dirt, which slide across each other, the glasses adjust the full field of vision, not just a small area of the lens. This restores the natural ability of the eye to change focus. Rather than carrying multiple pairs of glasses of varying strengths and quality to use throughout the day, users only need a single pair.

Underdeveloped countries bear the burden of uncorrected presbyopia with 410 million people (94%) of those uncorrected presbyopia unable to perform basic near-work tasks. Functional presbyopia creates significant socio-economic burdens and has a high impact on occupational productivity and vision-related quality of life1 Presbyopia (long-sightedness caused by loss of elasticity of the lens of the eye) affects many people is South Africa and have the potential to benefit from owning a pair of Eyejusters. With an ageing population staying active for longer the need for adjustable reading glasses is also on the increase.


About Eyejusters

Eyejusters is an innovative British start-up at the forefront of eye technology and product development and the first to bring their proprietary SlideLens™ eye technology to the market. Developed and engineered in Oxford and manufactured in the East Midlands, Eyejusters are made from high tech quality materials and come in a range of colours and styles. Founded in 2010, the company has a strong ethical mission to ‘help the world see better’ and was started to help people in the developing world improve their sight with its adjustable and affordable eyewear. They have now expanded their range to provide stylish adjustable Smart Glasses for all.

We believe that a pair of glasses is one of the most life-transforming products available, and we want them to be available to everyone. Over 670 million people in the developing world go without suitable glasses because there are no optometrists to measure and provide prescription glasses. We don’t believe that developing world users should have to settle for lower quality glasses, or pay huge prices for their eyewear. There must be a better solution and that was our goal. Developed in-house in the UK, our SlideLens™ technology is at the heart of what we do, and provides the innovative core of our glasses worldwide. Simply turn the dials until you can see clearly.

Notes to Editors

  • Eyejusters are available for purchase at Kriel Technology Group’s online store at www.krieltech.com under the “Medical - Eye Health” tab.

 About Kriel Technology Group

Kriel Technology Group is a new diversified player in the technology market covering Automotive, Agriculture, Food Technology, Medical/Life Style and Retail sectors. A close working relationship with its partners and customers in these fields, enables Kriel Technology Group to introduce “game – changer” solutions to professionals and consumers to increase productivity and improve the life quality of their customers.

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[i] http://www.saoptometrist.co.za/index.php/aveh/article/view/316/html

PRESS RELEASE: LivMD, the Revolutionary Therapeutic Low Intensity Vibration Device treats Osteoporosis and available in Southern Africa from World Osteoporosis Day, 20 October 2015.


(Bloemfontein, South Africa – October 12, 2015)


Kriel Technology Group (Pty) Ltd introduces the LivMD to Southern Africa.

Fighting conditions that come with aging such as bone, joint and muscle issues are large priorities for many people. LivMD, is a product that has had great success using therapeutic vibration to treat these issues in the USA and the LivMD is not another “flavour of the month” exercise that will end up in your garage. Recently, the developers of LivMD, Marodyne Medical announced the product has been approved for export to South Africa in a breakthrough for innovative health care in the USA, Europe and Africa.


Kriel Technology Group, a distributor of “game-changer” technologies is pleased to announce that the LivMD is now available in Sub-Saharan Africa. The LivMD is the only vibration device that complies with the limits recommended for human tolerance by ISO 2631 and OSHA standards.

By contrast, Whole Body Vibration (WBV) is well beyond these limits and may be dangerous to use, especially for the injured or elderly.

Treating musculoskeletal conditions can often be a challenge. One method which is becoming more popular among medical professionals is using therapeutic vibration. Biomedical research and development company Marodyne Medical, along with their partners at Stony Brook University (New York, USA) have been leaders in the United States in this area, with their therapeutic low intensity vibration device LivMD. The company recently announced after great success in the United States, the LivMD was recently approved for export to all of the European Union for treatment of Osteoporosis and other musculoskeletal conditions. The CE mark makes the experience of the LivMD available to us here in Southern Africa.

“We are extremely excited about the opportunity to offer our customers in Africa a technology that has the potential to improve a myriad of musculoskeletal conditions,” commented Dr Clinton Rubin, Marodyne Chief Scientific Officer and Chair of Biomedical Engineering at Stony Brook University. “LivMD is a remarkable device developed from 30 years of research.”
According to Kriel Technology Group and Marodyne Medical some of the uses the LivMD has been approved for in the EU and Southern Africa include: Safe and effective treatment of osteoporosis; relief of minor aches and pains; restores range of motion to joints; improves circulation and lymphatic drainage; to name just a few of the device's indications for use.

LivMD’ s low intensity therapeutic vibration technology was developed over three decades ago at New York's Stony Brook University using funding from NASA, NIH and the US Army. The LivMD is the only device of its kind. It has become a popular therapy tool used by seniors, athletes, those with flexibility issues, the injured, and many more.

Feedback from the medical world has been very positive.

Stephan Becker, MD, recently stated, “I am very much looking forward to being able to offer Marodyne’ s LivMD (Low Intensity Vibration Medical Device) to my patients through our clinics in Austria, Spain, Korea, France and Finland.”


Notes to Editors

• The LivMD is available for purchase from Kriel Technology Group and more information is available at www.ktgroup.co.za under the medical tab - click on “Physiotherapy”.

About Marodyne Medical

Marodyne Medical, LLC is a research and development company, specializing in safe intervention for illness, disease and injury.

Marodyne Medical’s research has been led by Dr Clinton Rubin, Marodyne Medical chief scientific officer, distinguished professor and chair for the Department of Biomedical Engineering at SUNY, in collaboration with Marodyne Medical Scientific Board, comprised of scientists, professors and thought leaders in the low-intensity vibration sector.

Marodyne Medical has recently established the efficacy of low-intensity vibration to safely promote overall health and wellness.

About Kriel Technology Group

Kriel Technology Group is a new diversified player in the technology market covering Automotive, Agriculture, Food Technology, Medical/Life Style and Retail sectors. A close working relationship with its partners and customers in these fields, enables Kriel Technology Group to introduce “game – changer” solutions to professionals and consumers to increase productivity and improve the life quality of their customers.

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YO™ At-Home Sperm Test

YO™ At-Home Sperm Test

For Immediate Release : YO™ Home Sperm Test Brings Male Fertility Testing to Smartphones

Kriel Technology Group (Pty) Ltd brings YO to Southern Africa - Challenges outdated home fertility testing with smartphone video technology to accurately determine moving sperm (“motile sperm concentration” a key to male fertility) from the comfort of your phone.


Bloemfontein, South Africa – 05 June 2017 – The YO™ Home Sperm Test will be available from Kriel Technology Group (Pty)Ltd – (www.krieltech.com).

Medical Electronic Systems (MES), the gold standard in automated semen analysis and an established manufacturer of commercial-grade automated semen analyzers for the past 20 years, today announced the launch of YO™, the first home male fertility test kit powered by a smartphone platform and supported by an interactive app experience complete with sperm education, animations and sperm trivia. YO provides consumers with the ability to both view and measure the number of motile (moving) sperm in their sample – a key to male fertility - in the comfort of their phone.

Unlike other home fertility tests that are limited to measuring total sperm concentration, YO is the first and only video-based smartphone platform that is FDA-cleared to measure Motile Sperm Concentration (the number of moving sperm) - a critical factor in determining male fertility. At a consumer-accessible price point of just R 929.95, two YO fertility tests are supplied with each kit, saving the consumer time and money by offering an affordable, reliable and accurate home test. YO was created by the same team of scientists and engineers who developed MES’s “gold standard” laboratory sperm quality analyzers that are used in hospitals and labs around the world.


See s video of how YO works at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddYpR2swBtY&t=5s


Traditionally, concerns about fertility have focused primarily on women’s fertility issues. But in recent years, there has been a growing awareness of how men’s reproductive health issues can contribute to infertility. Approximately 40 – 50% of infertility cases have a “male factor” such as poor sperm motility, abnormally shaped sperm or a low overall number of sperm cells, all of which can impact fertility.


If you do not know your fertility status, that first step of walking into a doctor's office for testing can be intimidating and embarrassing. As a result of standard medical practice, the initial assessment of a man's sperm may not take place until up to one year after a couple's initial attempt to conceive.  This delay, and the additional fact that many couples postpone having children until their 30's, contributes to increasing the couple's anxiety about conceiving a child.  With YO, the man can test himself at home and receive a test result and a video of his swimmers that he can present to the doctor without waiting a year.


“The explosion of apps and wearables dedicated to optimizing the chance of pregnancy is evidence that people crave more awareness of their fertility status. However, the bulk of these new technology tools cater to women. No other company is tackling male reproductive health in this manner,” said Marcia Deutsch, CEO of MES. “Home test kits solve a real pain point for consumers. Earlier versions didn't measure the concentration of motile cells – just the total number of sperm cells.  But consider, if a man is producing 100 million sperm and they are all dead or not swimming, it’s useless to know your sperm concentration is 'normal'. The key is to assess sperm that are moving as these are the sperm that will fertilize an egg during normal conception. YO is trailblazing a new approach offering consumers valuable and reliable information and bringing clarity to one of life’s biggest moments, that of starting a family.”


YO is the result of a design-centric approach that takes the consumer's state-of-mind into consideration. Simple, step-by-step interactive screens and instructional animations provide a smooth and secure testing experience without any mystery or confusion. There is also humor built into the SPERM TRIVIA CHALLENGE, which is designed to interact with the user during the testing cycle wait time. YO test results are reported immediately along with the tester’s sperm video. This provides both instant test results requiring no interpretation and a “wow” factor when the tester sees his sperm swimmers in action.


The YO home sperm test app is downloaded free of charge to your smartphone. To test your swimmers, a YO kit which contains supplies for two tests can be purchased from the Kriel Technology Group website. The YO Clip (mini-microscope) is placed over the camera of the smartphone, then a YO slide is prepared and inserted into the YO Clip. The smartphone camera records and YO displays an actual video of your sperm, and the YO app "reads" this video and delivers immediate, easy-to-understand and accurate results.


Men of a variety of ages and stages of life will be interested in using YO:


  1. Guys who are simply curious about their fertility status; they get a "wow" factor by seeing their own sperm on a video
  2. Men whose spouses are having a problem conceiving and the couple wants an indication of the man's fertility
  3. Those who are concerned about their fertility status due to recreational drug use or medical treatments such as chemotherapy
  4. Men who are considering starting a second family.
  5. Men who want to know more about their reproductive health and overall health as research notes a correlation between sperm quality and overall health


Medical Electronic Systems, the company behind the YO Home Sperm Test, has been producing and supplying commercial-grade automated semen analyzers to most major laboratories in the U.S. for the past 20 years. Approximately 4,000 of the Company’s analyzers have been installed in hospitals and independent laboratories globally, including the country's largest research labs, premier hospital systems, the US military, fertility clinics and centers of reproductive excellence across America. MES semen analyzers are known and trusted as the premier automated solution in the industry because they perform reliably and accurately on a routine basis, thereby making MES the largest purveyor of automated semen analyzers in the US.


About YO

YO is a home sperm test that uses smartphone technology to report motile sperm concentration (the number of moving sperm) and provides a live sperm video - all from the comfort of a smartphone. The YO Home Sperm Test is the first consumer product offered by Medical Electronic Systems (MES), an established developer and manufacturer of commercial-grade automated semen analyzers serving the needs of laboratories for the past 20 years. YO home sperm test kits are currently available in South Africa and can be purchased online at www.ktgroup.co.za


About Kriel Technology Group (Pty) Ltd

Kriel Technology Group (Pty) Ltd is a new diversified player in the technology market covering Automotive, Agriculture, Food Technology, Medical/Lifestyle and Retail sectors. A close working relationship with its partners and customers enables Kriel Technology Group (Pty)Ltd to introduce game-changing solutions to professionals and consumers to increase productivity and improve life quality.

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