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Lung Flute

The FDA-cleared Lung Flute is the only product that uses sound vibration to stimulate your body's natural mucus-clearing system – effectively thinning and dislodging mucus deep in the lungs so that it's easier to cough up. The small, reusable, plastic device is non-invasive, easy to use and drug-free – just blow into the mouthpiece and the device will do the rest.

Clinical tests have proven the Lung Flute's ability to break up mucus in the lungs, making it equally effective for both therapeutic and diagnostic use.

Unlike other devices, which rely on pressure and can't reach deep lung mucus, the Lung Flute's technology is based on low-frequency acoustic waves that are produced when you blow into the flute-shaped device.

Order the 4 available Lung Flute models below.

Hospital & Clinic Use - SINGLE USE by single patient

Lung Flute for Hospital & Clinic Use...Dual-indicated for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Mucus Mobilization (Sealed MPce +1Rd+ Card) SINGLE-USE ONLY.

Home Care Unit - MULTIPLE USE by single patient

Lung Flute for Home Care is indicated for Positive Expiratory Pressure (PEP) therapy. Includes 14-Reed pack.

LF with Removable MPce +1Reed - No Reed Pack

A single Lung Flute for use at home, but does not include a Reed Replacement Pack.

Reed Replacement Kit (14 reeds)

The Therapeutic Reed Replacement Kit contains 14 Reeds that should last for a full year of regular treatments.